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"ONE in 1000"

Jojo dreams of doing what other children do. But he can’t. His feet aren’t like everyone else’s. When Jojo is taken to the hospital and given some strange boots to wear, at first, he’s scared, but help comes from unexpected places, and the boots are not quite what they seem…

This is a heart-warming story about coping with difference and the extraordinary resourcefulness of a child’s mind.

"TWO in 2000"

"I was born with curly feet like... a wave from the sea.... the tail of the seahorse in the aquarium... the sausage I ate at the funfair in Spain last summer... the tongue of abuela's dog Pepito when he saw the sausage... or the sleepy flower in the park..."

Minou is not like other children. She can’t do what they do. But all that changes when she is given a mysterious pair of boots after a visit to the hospital. What follows is a whirlwind ride through time and history.

Take the journey with her in this touching tale of hope and triumph over adversity.

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